Tang Soo Do is a fantastic traditional Martial Art focusing on Karate at it's best! Fitness, Self-Defense, Forms, Weapons, Sparring!

Our Little Dragons Program not only focuses on Karate, but also character building and skills such as Balance, Coordination, Discipline, and Respect!

Our American Kenpo program follows the Ed Parker system of Karate but also strives to be on the cutting edge of tactical self-defense and mixed combat.

The Instructor Training Program at West Texas Karate will help train you to become a future instructor of Tang Soo Do and American Kenpo Karate!

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach traditional karate and help our students grow both mentally and physically toward their goals! We offer certified rank in both Tang Soo Do and American Kenpo, beginner to advanced, from White Belt to Black Belt and beyond!

We practice empty hand and foot techniques such as punching and kicking, forms, self-defense, sparring, and traditional martial arts weaponry. However, our students quickly realize that our school focuses also on discipline, self-esteem, control, balance, coordination, agility, and much, much more! We have a great group of Instructors that can't wait to help you start or continue living in the Martial Way!

Our Approach

At WTK You Learn:

Fitness - Self-Defense - Forms
Kicking & Punching Techniques - Sparring
Weapons - Breaking - Agility Drills
Discipline - Balance - Coordination - More!

5 Codes we Live By:

Loyalty to Country
Obedience to Parents
Honor Friendship
No Retreat in Battle
In Fighting, Choose with Sense and Honor

7 Tenets we Live By:

Respect & Obedience
Self Control
Indomitable Spirit

8 Key Concepts Practiced:

Power Control
Tension & Relaxation
Speed Control